Saturday, October 5, 2013


Yes, that is a direct quote from the elders that found our apartment in La Vega.  Yet, something seemed a little fishy.
As we walked into our home, we noticed the bars on all the windows and doors.  Even the closet doors have locks on them.  Our bedroom door has two deadbolts and a lock on it.  But if you look carefully at our kitchen door, you will notice that it has six locks on it!  The great part about all of this is that I really feel very peaceful here and feel the Lord's blessing and protection over us.  Although all of the homes in La Vega have bars on their windows, our neighborhood is quite nice and our downstairs landlord, Manuel is great.  He is exactly the same age as Gary.

There are lots of adjustments in a new country.  One of the things
we have had to think about is the water.  You can't drink the water out of the tap or cook with it.  You have to use bottled water.
This is a picture of our 5 gallon water container.  We can buy this for about 75 cents.The elders brought this over to us and you simply remove the lid and tip the water jug forward.  It is on a rotating stand.  I couldn't help but think of what fun all of our grandchildren would have with this.  It's as much fun as a refrigerator water dispenser!

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  1. So wish I could come visit, sounds like a little bit of paradise, Ya I can see grand kids playing with the water.. Mop time. You are safe you are on our Heavenly Fathers Mission. ENJOY and keep us posted.