Monday, October 14, 2013

How to Reach Us

Today is Monday, October 14, 2013.

We have been in La Vega for two weeks now and I have not seen one postal worker.  Nor have we seen a post office.  Rumor has it that you really can get mail in the Dominican Republic.  However, when we asked our landlord downstairs how he handles his mail  he said, "Oh, you know, emails, the computer.  I really don't mail anything.  But if you want to know where the post office is, I will drive you downtown so you will know where it is."

The recommended way to get a letter is through dear elder whose website is:

When you log onto that website, it will step you through the process of sending a letter.  The only thing you have to know is that when they ask you to select a mission, the name of our mission is:

Dominican Republic Santiago

All letters sent to the Dominican Republic Santiago mission through are free.  They print off the letter and give it to our District Leaders, and the District Leaders distribute the letters to the missionaries weekly. Letters sent to the Miami address typically arrive in two weeks.

If you want to send an actual letter you can send LETTERS only through pouch mail to this address:

Elder y Hermana Fagersten
SDQ 8013
PO Box 025725
Miami, FL 33102-5725

After many discussions with the missionaries, this is the information they gave us about getting packages or letters.  First of all, don't bother to send packages, because if you spend $25 to send a package, the post office in La Vega would charge us $25 to pick up the package.  There are plenty of stores we can shop at to get whatever we need. . .but thanks for thinking of us!

Little flat PACKAGES can be sent to the following address:

Elder y Hermana Fagersten
SDQ 8013
2250 NW 114th Avenue Unit 1A
Miami, FL 33172-3652


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  1. On another subject, Hows Gary doing with out BYU football? I suspect severe withdrawal? Winter is just around the corner here. 35 nights 55 days and drizzling. you know the routine. Love your blog keep it up.