Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What's on your moto?

I decided to ask some of the seasoned missionaries if they had seen anything unique that people would carry on their motos.  Now a moto is a small scooter that most of the people use to get around.  Since those who drive them typically don't have cars, it is their main mode of transportation.  So when they need to pick up something and bring it home, they are very creative as to how they transport it on their moto.

Typical Mormon family
Just picking up a gas tank
We've got to get it to the shop somehow. . .

Two men carrying their tools, wires and equipment to work.

Moto with box, notice the package between his legs
We know there are at least two people on this moto.
Often they have their children in between them as well.
No helmets required. . .

Although I don't have pictures for everything, some other items seen on the motos are:

1.  Egg cartons piled about two feet high in between the driver's legs to keep them safe
2.  12 foot poles
3.  Kitchen door carried on top of their heads
4.  Ladders
5.  Two people carrying a table
6.  Lawn mower
7.  Washing machine

Look for updates on this list. . .we've only been here for three weeks.