Monday, October 21, 2013

Why We Love Our Mission

Now, you may think that we only like being on a mission because we don't have to mow our lawn or shovel the snow.  Perhaps you may think that we like being on a mission because we don't have to repair our cars or fix up our home.  Although not having to do those things do add to the charm of a mission, the photos below show the real reason we love it here.
High School students in the country town of Baranca.

President Diaz (our district president), school principle,
Elder y Hermana Haws, the Humanitarian Missionaries who arranged to
 have book shelves made for this high school so the students had a place
 to put their books.  The students were so excited because their books were
no longer in piles on the floor.  They were so grateful.

Meeting a former missionary, "Elder" Bezzantine at the grocery store in La Vega.  He brought his son to his mission.  What a delight to meet them.  They were so kind and generous to us.  They even bought our groceries!
President Diaz and Arletty with their beautiful
 family, Larimar, Nefi, Arlery
Elder Villanueva, Jorge (YM Pres.), Elder y Hermana Fagersten
Visits with the members, what testimonies they have!
Elder Fagersten, Luis (new member), Elder Villanueve, Elder Mendez
What a great spirit he has!  He was baptized Oct. 19, 2013
The joy of Yaneli Garcia's baptism

Budding Pianist in the Conani Branch

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