Saturday, October 5, 2013


Gary and I are very grateful to our brother-in-law,
Pat Jackson, for letting us stay in his home for two
weeks while we were in the Spanish Immersion
program in Provo.  

Although we didn't get a picture with him.  We did 
get a picture with John, Hellen and their beautiful

We were able to visit with many of the Jackson family.  That was a great treat for us.  

It was also great to see many of our nieces and nephews from my brother Jeff's side of the family.

Can I just say that we have a great family and we love them very much!

This photo is of my wonderful Aunt Elizabeth, my Mom, Luella Mathusek and me  Mom is living with her sister while we are on our mission.  I am thrilled that she is able to be in this loving environment.  She has a wonderful living arrangement and is able to also be with Aunt Elizabeth's daughter, Gaylianne.  I love my cousin and am grateful they are taking such great care of Mom.

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  1. How cool to have been able to visit with family before heading out!