Thursday, October 24, 2013

Power Lines

Neighborhood where we visited a family .  There were
pigs next to their home, not to mention the roosters and
dogs that roam freely. The roosters forgot that they are
only supposed to crow at 6:30 a.m. :-)
Today Elder Fagersten and I went to visit a couple of families.  After we came home we parked our car and were walking up to our apartment.  Our landlord, Manuel, stopped us and told us the whole city was out of power. You may wonder why we didn't notice that when we were visiting these families. This photo to the right is very typical of the homes we visit.  Many of the people have limited power to their homes.  As we have visited them in the evening, they would have to light candles so we would could see because the power was out.

Typical view of power lines.  When people don't pay their
power bill, the company comes out and cuts their lines.

Notice the wires below the trees.  This is in front of our home.

There are streets where the wires aren't too bad.

In the middle of many of the roads, you will find stores like this one.
Notice the 5 gallon water jugs.  No one drinks the water from the
taps.  It is not safe to drink.  You can get 5 gallons of water
for about 75 cents.

Fusebox in our apartment

This is very typical of the power lines
you see in the Dominican Republic

This page is dedicated to our
son-in-law, Norm, who is an electrical engineer.

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