Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving continued...

Katherine is doing a great job sharing some of the many thoughts, feelings and experiences of our mission.  I concur with all of them.  You know, it's one of those things that, at least in our case, she does really well, she enjoys it and takes the time and effort to get it done.  To have this history of script and picture will be a treasure for us to reflect on for some time.

Just a couple of thoughts from the old man.  Katherine, your Mom, Grandma, mother in-law, daughter, sister, sister in-law, aunt, niece, friend or what ever association you might have with her is a blessing in the lives of many people. That blessing of people's lives continues to expand as we serve here in the Dominican Republic.  In the same way that she has brought peace, love and in some cases the Gospel of Jesus Christ into your lives so she is able to do with the people that we meet here daily.

Of course being able to spend the most amount of time with her, I am the greatest recipient of her goodness. She is a patient and loving person who encourages and supports me in the many responsibilities that we have here.

Hopefully some of these photos reflect some of the ways and people that she has been a blessing to:

This is her "Top 10" list
(I didn't have a photo of the "Top 6" in-laws)
(They get added to the "Top 10" list)

This is next , her "Top 20" list

Aunt Elizabeth and Luella Mathusek

The John Jackson family.  Here representing one of the many
nieces and nephews that she tries to stay in contact with. 

The Geovonny Diaz family.  One of our 
good friends here in the D.R.

Continuing a tradition of service and love 
through sharing and teaching music.

Another tradition, late night shopping at "Wal-mart", I mean 
"La Sirena".  You meet all kinds of people here.  This returned 
missionary and his son wanted to return some of the kindness done 
to him when he served as a misisonary in the D.R. so he bought our groceries.

Katherine never has been one to just invite 
one set of missionaries for lunch.

Yup, her favorite thing to do, pose for 
one more photo opportunity

Did you know that she has always wanted 
to be an English teacher? (Only kidding)
Well now she is one.  One of three of us.

If you did not notice last time we are sharing her Milkshake.
Mine is the half finished chocolate one in front of me.
Always sacrificing.

and always living worthy of the covenants 
the she has made.

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