Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hungry Anyone?


There are definitely a variety of foods that you can purchase on the streets from vendors.

Cashews and batatas (potatoes)

The ice cream man

Ready to serve a new pig every day.


Coffee anyone?

True story.  We were in Santo Domingo.  We brought a few people up to an employment seminar.  
One of the men that we brought has his own electronics store.  On our way home he wanted to stop
in a particular store to purchase supplies for his own shop.  While we were sitting in the car this man
(see photo above) pushes an old grocery shopping cart up to the store.  He was hoping to make a sale.
He didn't notice that I had my camera and was taking photos of him from inside the truck.  The man put 
his hand inside the bag of plastic cups.  Not wanting to sell any coffee with floaties in it, he turned the
cup upside down, shook out the dust, then proceeded to use his shirt to wipe the cup clean.  Now that
is what I call a concerned employer.  Just wanting his customers to have the best.  He then poured the 
coffee in the cup, put a lid on it and walked inside the building to sell his cup of coffee.  When he came
out empty handed, I knew he had made his sale.  Someone in the building was glad to have a nice cup
of hot coffee. 

              Pig, sausages, chicken and your guess is as good as mine.  No refrigeration necessary, just slice and serve.
              The food stays at "room temperature" all day.  Hmmm, maybe there is wisdom in the rule that missionaries are not                 to eat from street vendors.

                                                           Make sure you wash your fruit before you eat it.

                                      Elder y Hermana Fagersten, taking our first sips of fresh coconut water. . .yummy!

                                                        Take your pick, avocados, oranges, or whatever is in season.

Sugar cane straight from the field.  Peel and enjoy!


  1. love reading about your adventures:) Send some of that sunshine and warmth to Iowa please!!

  2. Somehow, the desire to eat from street vendors doesn't even enter the mind!