Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Do Birds Fly South For the Winter?

Because it's too far to walk. . .

When we arrived in La Vega, we had no idea how many birds from North America would decide to fly to the Dominican Republic.  We think that they have all decided to land right outside our bedroom window. What kind of birds are they?  I will have to pull out my bird book because I have never seen them before, nor can we identify any of their songs.

While driving around our neighborhood, we glanced into a yard.  I noticed chickens running around which is not unusual.  However, my eyes were drawn to two pinkish looking birds with long legs.  Yes, they were flamingos.  I guess they are their pets, because they were fenced in the yard.


Rooster Crossing

Healthy sized chicken will make a great dinner for someone tonight

Bird Hotel

Waiting to see if their rooms are ready

We serve birds in this restaurant

OK, I'll eat the leftovers

Thinking bird. . .should I eat some more, or take a nap?

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